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The Screamfest will be back again in 2019 at National Forest Adventure Farm in Tatehill, Burton-upon-Trent, just 30 minutes via car from Aston Court Hotel.

Be prepared to be scared with Screamfest five terrifying scare features:

  • Insomnia
    • Enter a Child's nightmare! What if her nightmares are real? What if she could drag you in? What if you could not wake up?
  • Freakout
    • The Circus is back in town! Where the freaks and creeps of the Funhouse are let loose. Be afraid...very afraid. 
  • Dia de los Muertos
    • Can you escape the maze? Many have tried and most have failed, will your laughter turn to screams?
  • Love Hurts
    • Welcome fellow patrons to the Diced Heart Pub, will you be lucky enough to find your SOUL mate?
  • New Scare for 2019
    • stay tuned...

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